We visited tiles factory on Wednesday 23rd of November 2016. Our class SPA have a reunion at main railway station in Pilsen at 7:45. We bought a ticket and found our train and started to waiting. The train was almost 20 minutes delayd. But luckily, we have some time reserve. After 30 minutes of ride we were in Chlumcany. We walked only few meters to reception of the tiles factory and there we met two likeable employees. They showed us almost whole factory, the only pitty was that there was a lot of noise in the factory, s it was very hard to hear what did they say. They tried to explain us how tiles are made and which materials are necessary.

First of all, they have to extract kaolin from the neighbouring pit. Then they sort kaolin by the quality and put it to the huge rotation containers with flints inside to make kaolin liquid. They store this liquid in other huge containers. Then it goes to the dryer to make it dry, because of drying process liquid became a powder. The humidity of the powder is between 4,5-6,5 %. This powder is formed into many different forms, they use heated hydraulic press to make form tiles. After this process tiles are still fragile. Now it´s time for surfacing. They use varnish or printing. After this are Tiles ready for baking, they bake them in a huge furnace, which is about 100 meters long. The furnace must be power on all the time, even during the Xmas. After this procedure tiles are packed and send to the customers.

I find it very interesting and I really enjoyed it. Excursion was finished after one hour so we went with train to the Pilsen again.

Jakub Fišer, septima A