All of us have been wondering what it feels like to be a movie star, at least the one from Prague. Do they get special flights at the airport? Are they treated differently than us? How does their job look like? A few of us had the chance to experience one day as a special person. A person who doesn't have to wait huge queues at the check-in or at the security control. A person who knows that all the amazing places we get to see in the movies are filmed in a small building in Prague.

8 AM
All of us are supposed to be here with our ID cards. We were warned many times to bring it. There's no chance we could have forgotten it at home... Nope, somebody forgot it, he has to go. While my friends were discussing serious topic, we got on the bus, they were still arguing and that ID card expert got on again.

10 AM
We're in Prague! One and half hour before the excursion is supposed to start. We are told to spend that time in the near shopping center. Well, all the mainstream shops just didn't get my attention and therefore I went for coffee instead.

11 AM
Finally, the airport! Wait, what? Where are we? Where's the huge terminal? Where are the airplanes? "Welcome to Terminal 3, the terminal which checks in in average eighty people per hour and is used just for special people such as government representatives or sportsmen." Alright. There is nobody - no passengers but a few of the airport workers. As we start the excursion we get special cards to prove that we are a part of it. "Do not lose it!" Nobody lost it this time. We are shown the model of the airport and given history facts. Then we proceed to the security control which is required. After that the lady shows us what is located in the airport and drives us to the bus which we left at the very end with only one break. We see hangars, seats of the companies and, of course, airplanes. We are shown a local fire station and then the runway. We also have the opportunity to see the biggest plane in the world Airbus A380 just landing, how the workers dealt with it when it stopped and what is required to do after. The people who are leaving the plane look so happy that most of us get jealous because the only thing waiting for us is school and exams. After two hours, it is over and we are driven to the Barrandov Studios.

2 PM
Barrandov Studios, Hollywood of the East, look quite old. Quite strange looking man welcomes our group and starts the lecture and takes us inside the Studios. The guide is a funny man and jokes a lot, as well as our teacher. We continue to see all the studios but unfortunately not from the inside because they all were used by production. The man tells us about famous movies that were filmed in Barrandov - Mission Impossible, Van Helsing, Antrophoid, Amadeus and most of the Czech fairy tales. In the other buildings, there are storerooms of all the furniture or costumes from all the ages of history including both world wars. We are all very tired but excited.

5 PM
The end. We are going home, sleepy and tired.

Bára Šandová, septima A