On 11th November 2016, the Team of Masaryk  grammar school called „Beznadějný případ“ (Jan Skořepa, Jan Pohořelý, Petr Chalupský, Michal Polák, Alan Karlíček) was part of  the regional tournament of Pišqworky.

In the Tournament there were 10 teams of 5 people. They split us into 2 groups of 5 teams. And we started playing everybody against everyone. We won all matches in the group consisting of 5 games. Every game is from 2 duels so the starting player doesn´t have any benefit. Every duel was played on 15 by 15 field with method „swap 1“ (starting player make the first 3 symbols, 2 square and 1 round and second player chooses the symbol he wants to play with and then they continue playing, the player with less symbols starts) The Player with 5 symbols in a row wins. The last team of each group was eliminated. Real game started! When you lost you were eliminated. But we didn´t lose so we got the first place and moves on the county tournament.

On Wednesday 16th November we went on the county tournament this time at Mikulášské Grammar school. They split us into 4 groups of 3 teams. The same rules applied. We won all matches in a group. Last team from group was eliminated. And the real game started again. We won the first match but second we sadly lost after a draw one decisive game. That meant just one thing we won´t be first so we competed for 3rd place this time we won. We didn´t move on the nationwide tournament but we took away a lot of memories and some prizes. Huge thanks to all organizers and our team.

#Beznadějný případ
Jan Pohořelý, kvinta A