Our three-day trip to Kutna Hora and its surroundings begins on Wednesday on 12nd October.  All selected students meet at 5:45 AM at Masaryk Grammar school and at 6 AM our bus departs direction Kutna Hora.

The way was fine and at 9 AM we arrived to Kutna Hora.  On Wednesday we were in the Museum of silver, where we learned something about mining and in the Cathedral of St. Barbara. Then we were in a mintage in Vlassky dvur and then the last stop was an ossuary in Sedlec, where a lot of interesting things are created from bones. After all day, we were happy that we arrived to the hotel.  We were both nights staying in the hotel at the ice stadium in Kolin.

On Thursday, we were in TPCA, the factory which is making cars of brands Toyota, Citroen and Peugeot. It was really interesting. Then we were in a historical center of Kolin and then-finally- we were in a stud farm in Kladruby, which for me was the greatest experience of all trip because I love horses. We had lunch there and then we were in stables, where there were a lot of beautiful horses e.g. breed horse Starokladrubsky. It was really interesting. And then the last stop - Podebrady, where the famous Czech king, George from Podebrady was born. In the evening, we arrived back to our hotel, had a good dinner and then we went to sleep because we were so tired.

And suddenly, it was Friday, the last day of our trip. We had breakfast, packed our stuff and we departed to Czech Sternberk, which is a beautiful castle. We visited it, there was a lot of beautiful rooms with interesting old things and we had a tasty lunch in the village under the castle. The last stop of our trip was in Ondřejov observatory. There were a lot of telescopes and other devices for space observation. The whole tour lasted about two hours and at 5 PM, our bus departed direction Pilsen, where our parents waited for us.

The whole trip was great and excellent. We all enjoyed it and we would like to repeat it next year.

Tereza Hejduková, sekunda B