On 4th October we went to Dresden in Germany.

The first stop was in Wolkswagen factory. There we saw some old models, future planned models or cars, which has been used recently. We were allowed to drive an interactive car, when we produced electricity by cycling, to watch the process of making cars and so on.

After that, we went to the downtown of Dresden. Our second part of the program started in front of the art gallery called Zwinger. We went under the wonderful gate with gold sign A. R. There are initials of a famous Dresden secretary - Augustus Rex.

After the tour via the downtown we climbed the Frauenkirche. Frauenkirche was church established in 17th century which was completely destroyed by American bombers at the end of World War II, similarly as the whole city.  Since that time the city has been newly constructed. View of city from the top of the church was really amazing. Furthermore the church is inside beautifully painted.

After that we had time for ourselves. Some of us went to any cafés or just enjoyed watching this picturesque city. At half past four we were slowly walking back to the bus. Students from 3. B prepared essays about interesting facts connected with Saxony or Dresden. Most of us were sleeping during the way home because we were really tired. We arrived in Pilsen at half past nine. We agreed that it was a nice trip.

Zuzana Nováčková, 2. B