26th September - that was the day when we had a school excursion in Prague in Jewish Town. 5 o´clock in the morning - that was the time when I had to wake up. 3. A is a class of professionals and we know that the train to Prague which leaves Pilsen at 8 o´clock is full of people who are not keen on being interrupted by a hord of students, even though the students are from prestigious grammar school with a long tradition, so we went by a train which departured at 7 o´ clock. Unfortunately this meant that I had to wake up much earlier than usually. Bummer. But you have to sacrifice for the greater good.

The presentation about the Jewish traditions could be really interesting. I believe that our guide was really educated and knew many fun facts. The problem was that she wasn´t really good at speaking. Maybe a nervousity, who knows, but many of her bloopers didn´t make a good impression. Positive is that she had many interesting objects which she lent to us.

After the presentation we could see for example interior of Old New Synangogue or Old Jewish Cemetery where rabbi Loew was buried.

Then the guide left and our class teacher showed us beauties of Prague that he didn´t manage to two years before. Too bad we weren´t able to see all the sights of Prague. Maybe next year? Maybe when we will study at the university? Maybe with our future families?

Dominik Karásek, 3. A