At the end of the last school year we went to our capital city for the school trip but it didn’t take long time and our class visited Prague again! What did our teachers prepare for us this time? If you want to know more, just read on…

On Tuesday, 20th September we decided to miss the school for one day, take our backpacks with some snack and board the train towards Prague. Of course we wouldn’t leave without our class teacher, Mrs. Eretová, and our Maths teacher, Mrs. Nováková.

The main programme was a visit in the Czech National Bank which is the central bank of the Czech Republic and the supervisor of the Czech financial market.

When we got to the building, we felt like at the airport. We had to put our backpacks on the line and then go through the control zone which checked if we don’t have anything dangerous for example in the pockets of our clothes. Then we were welcomed by the man and the woman who were dressed up really representatively and who told us a little information about our programme in the bank.

First we watched two short films about the development of the CNB and about its system. Then everyone could inspect the bank on his own. E.g. there were put the bank-notes and we tried to guess which one is real and which one is falsified.  Interesting was also a special lamp where we could insert our own bank-notes or our identity card to verify its authenticity. At the end we were allowed to try our strength by raising the famous 12,5 kilos heavy gold bar. We left the bank with a lot of new experiences and knowledges and transported to another interesting place – to the Vyšehrad Cemetery.

Vyšehrad Cemetery is situated next to Vyšehrad, called also the Castle on the heights. It’s more than just a normal, quiet cemetery. It’s the final resting place for the Czech most honoured composers, artists, sculptores, writers, scientists and politicians. We noticed for example the grave of Antonín Dvořák, Bedřich Smetana or Jan Evangelista Purkyně.

After looking around the cemetery we had a few minutes to relax and refresh ourselves in the romantic park at Vyšehrad. We admired the high, old trees, raising their branches to the sky, and the monumental sculptures which represented for example Přemysl with Libuše or Ctirad with Šárka from the old Czech legends. We didn’t forget to take a photo and set slowly back out to the railway station.

This trip was a very nice experience, we appreciate that our teachers make for us such interesting and enriching programmes.

Eliška Průšová, 2. A