6.20 am – It's so early that it's still dark. We had a meeting next to the Plzeňský court and now we are waiting for the bus. A long day full of adventure awaits us.

6.30 am – And we already have complications. One boy from kvarta forgot his passport, so after a few minutes of searching (and not finding anything) teachers decided he has to go home. I feel bad for him.

6.39 am – We go, there is 'just' 3 hours long ride ahead us to Kelheim.

7.55 am – Mrs. Vyčítalová just announced that her students will present their oral presentations. I'm quite curious what they'll talk about.

8.25 am – The presentations are over and they were pretty interesting. The students talked about Bayern, Donau, Kelheim, Befreiungshalle and lots of other things that we'll see today.

9.20 am – We´ve just arrived to Kelheim. It's a very pretty small town, but before we can go explore it, we'll have a look at the Befreiungshalle – a majestic building, that celebrates the victory over Napoleon in the Battle of Leipzig.

10.00 am – The inside of the Befreiungshalle is beautiful, there are sculptures around the whole round room. Unfortunately the upper exterior gallery is currently closed to visitors, so we won't be able to see that.

10.30 am – We have some free time in the town right now, so we decided, that we would have breakfast at some cute cafe. And because we are in Bavaria I ordered the typical pretzel with butter.

11.15 am – The sun is shining and the skies are blue. It's perfect time for a boat ride up the Danube (from Kelheim to Abbey Weltenburg). The views of the Danube are absolutely beautiful with many rock formations.

12.20 pm – After this very enjoyable boat ride we slowly arrived to the Weltenburg Abbey. It is considered the world’s oldest brewery monastery. We are now in the abbey church, it was designed and built by the Asam Brothers and this church is highly decorated.

1.30 pm – The bus just picked us up and now we are going to Altmühltal valley, where is Tatzelwurm – the longest wooden bridge in Europe.

2.30 pm – After seeing (and walking on) the Tatzelwurm, we are now on our way to Riedenburg, more specifically to the crystal museum in Riedenburg. The museum has the world’s biggest bullion of mining crystal (Bergkristallgruppe).

3.30 pm – Because we already saw everything in the museum (it's pretty small), we are walking to the center of the little city right now. We'll have some free time in there.

4.45 pm – It's time for us to go back to Pilsen, goodbye Germany.

7.50 pm – And after a very long ride we are finally back in Pilsen.

Monika Školová, kvinta A