I would like to write some sentences about our adaptation course. We were in Jesenice near Rakovník from Monday till Wednesday September 5th – 7th. It ´s about 50 kilometres from Pilsen.

At first we acquainted each other. We played lots of games with my classmates, our class teacher and a school psychologist every day. I liked it a lot. Thanks that we were better group than in the first day. So when we arrived we found accommodation and each class did diferent activities. Our group went to another camp and  had a lecture about topography, science about surface of the Earth .In the afternoon we played the games again. One of the game was that you have to jump into a small circle and when it was full its circuit was enlarged. I think we did it for about 45 minutes. But it was fun. I was so happy, when we went out of the circle.You know, I like my personal space. In the evening both of classes run an orientation race. It was a good and interesting.

Next day in the morning, we had breakfast and then our class went to the cableway. Each of the student could be pulled out high. It seemed like a dangerous thing, but it wasn´t so dangerous. The program which was prepared was amazing. I believe that every student enjoyed it. Then the classes were changed,so we went to hygienics science. We learnt about accidentes and how to save people when they are in danger, how to resuscitate people, babies and some important things about blood . We tried to  carry our classmate to a camp bed which was filled polystyrene balls. A woman who tought  about hygienics told us that on Wednessday there would be a false accident, so we are ready. In the evening was campfire. 1.A, 1.B and our teachers met in benches and every cabin had to prepare a poem with words, which we got from Ms. Horská. Everybody had creative poem but the best was written by Eliška Rybová and her friends. During the evening we played games along cabins for example we run into our cabins and took things which started by letter K and then things in yellow or gold colour. At the end we could roast bread or sausages. But I missed the music,  it´s the most important thing at the campfire, however  it was great evening with new frineds and good group.

|The third day followed, which means that it was the last day of our adaptation course. In the morning after breakfast 1.A had a false accident. We were devided into 3 groups: injury, rescuers and audience. I don´t want to write  information about it  because there is a lot of what we experienced.

So  at the end I want to write here ,that it was the best course ever. I met new people, new teachers and I´m happy that I met these people. That´s all about our course.

Nina Hirschnerová, 1. A